ENFID-UK Now a Registered Charity

by Novo-Mar Ramos

After years from its birth as a platform for the Filipino community to interlink, reach out and unite the members thereof, the European Network of Filipino Diaspora-United Kingdom or ENFiD-UK has finally been entered into the list of the Charity Commission as a registered entity on the 15th day of February 2017 with Registration No. 1171618.


It was registered under the laws of England and Wales because its office is located in London.  Such registration has given it a stronger legal personality to transact business anywhere in the United Kingdom including Scotland and Northern Ireland and the whole world. 


The principal effect of such registration according to the Charity Commission is “to ensure that the public can support charities with confidence.” The Commission registers “eligible organisations” which are “established for only charitable purposes.” And when there is malpractice or misconduct, enforcement action will be taken against the erring charity and hold it accountable.

The registered Board of Trustees therein are the incumbent officers and trustees of ENFiD-UK, to wit:

Edwin Dela Cruz – Chair
Christian Estrada
Janette Vicera
Jesse-John Villapando Formento
Lagrimas Antonio
Levita Castillo
Maria Teresita Basford
Moises Espanola
Novo-Mar Ramos
Petmyla Arceno
Renato Lucero
Ricardo Jr Gacayan
Ruby Carmencita Ibalio

Further details about ENFiD-UK’s charity registration can be found at http://beta.charitycommission.gov.uk/charity-details/?regid=1171618&subid=0

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