YENFiD-UK Initially Kicks-Off

“You are like a seed of a Sycamore tree, very tiny at first but later on will grow into a large and robust tree with roots holding it firmly into the ground and branches reaching far and wide.”

These are the inspirational words given by Renato Lucero, a Trustee and one of the Vice-Chairpersons of ENFiD-UK, that form part of his closing remarks on the launching of the Youth European Network of Filipino Diaspora-United Kingdom (YENFiD-UK) on March 04, 2017 at the Westminster City Hall, Westminster, London.


Prior to that, Edwin Dela Cruz,  Trustee and Chairperson gave his welcome remarks and extended his gratitude to the young people as well as  the ENFiD-UK Trustees and visitors who came for the event.

Christian Estrada, another Trustee and Deputy Vice-Chairperson, stated the objectives of the activity and explained the mechanics on what should be done. He emphasized that the creation of YENFiD in each member country was one of the trusts and the result of a deliberation made during the Europewide 2016 Annual General Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic.

Five (5) dynamic and driven young people of Philippine ancestry took the challenge of initially composing the founding core group of YENFiD-UK, the first among the ENFiD country members to be organised.


Regis Dullas, Rhiannon Mangad, Johanna Española, Marru Cordero Oanes and Kate Raiza Facto laid down the foundation of YENFiD-UK and initially placed the cornerstone of a platform where the youth in the Filipino diaspora may link with each other, discuss issues affecting their sector and map out their destiny and steer their course of actions.


After an extensive brainstorming and deliberation among themselves, they presented and explained to the ENFiD-UK Board of Trustees their plans and the subject matters that they decided to be given focused of. Regin, the incumbent President of Philippine Education Support Organisation (PESO-UK) and who has an extensive experience in organising and leading youth organisations, was chosen as the core group’s spokesperson and adviser.


After a consensus of the ENFiD-UK Trustees, two (2) of the YENFiD-UK founding members will be joining Christian Estrada, ENFiD-UK Deputy Vice-Chairperson to an ENFiD forum in the Netherlands in April 2017.


The creation of YENFiD in the country members was one of the action plans that was formulated during the Annual General Assembly/Meeting of Filipino leaders and individual movers all around Europe and Israel held in Prague, Czech Republic sometime in September 2016.

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